Colson Caster enters 125th year with Customer Partner of 40 years

Colson Caster Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of standard and custom application caster and wheel products, has started its 125th year in business with an order from one of its oldest and most valued customers, Meese, Inc. headquarted in Madison, Indiana. Colson supplies casters for the more than 250 different types of mobile carts and molded polymer trucks from Meese designed for transporting loads in all types of workplace environments. The two companies have been doing business together for more than 40 years.

“It seemed appropriate that one of our first orders in this important anniversary year should come from our friends at Meese,” said Don Laux, Colson’s President and General Manager. “We have worked together through all types of economies and industry developments and have always been able to maintain our partner relationship and create solutions that are effective and economical for their customers.”

Meese cart and truck products are designed for use in all types of situations that call for storage or movement of materials. The company’s customers include factories, laboratories, meat packers, textile mills, food processing locations, and schools and institutions. Not only do the casters have to easily move materials from place to place or along manufacturing lines, they must also be able to withstand the rigors of varied and demanding physical environments. Over the years, the two companies have often had to collaborate on custom engineered products to meet the needs of specific applications dictated by new, changing, and advancing industries.

“Since almost 90 percent of our equipment rolls on casters, it was important to find a partner that we knew was committed to our business and to whom we could return for updated engineering and design enhancements without having to start from scratch, “said Mike Dorsey, Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering at Meese. “We are beginning our 79th year in business and appreciate the reality that we have a long-term vendor who truly is a family member and partner.”

With more than four decades in business together, the two companies have also streamlined ordering processes and delivery procedures. In addition, quality and performance issues are minimized as design and sales teams at each location are familiar enough with product attributes and capabilities 2 to make the right selection when ordering for designated applications.

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