Colson Caster Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of standard and custom application caster and wheel products, has published an updated version of its ‘mini’ product catalog. The new catalog also provides a sneak-peek at Colson’s ‘125- Years’ anniversary logo. The Arkansas-based company has planned a year-long celebration of its 125 years of continuous product manufacturing within the United States.

Like the popular, original ‘mini’ distributed earlier this year, the new 2010 catalog provides a quick and helpful overview of Colson and its products. Also included in the slick, 16-page compact version of its full line catalog is a primer on selecting the proper caster and wheel types, and a quick snapshot of product offerings, the three-hole punched, 8 ½” x 11” catalog is perfect for research, inclusion in proposals, and as an easy reference for facility and material handling planning files and project books.

“Our customers and sales teams have found the little catalog a convenient tool for quick research and an impressive addition to sales and information packets,” said Don Laux, Colson’s President and General Manager. “The catalog offers a concise snapshot of Colson and its products and is a great first-stop for product research.”

The Colson 2010 Mini-Catalog is available by calling 1-800-643-5515.