Colson Caster Corporation, the world’s leading manufacturer of standard and custom application caster and wheel products, today announced that they are expanding their product offerings to serve a completely new market segment. In December, Colson will announce the availability of its new lines of light-duty and general-duty casters. In addition to the industry’s largest and most complete line of custom and performance driven caster products, the global manufacturing company will now provide a wide selection of low-cost, general application casters with lighter capacity purposes in mind.

“We are expanding product lines as a direct result of requests from our customer base,” said Brian Crain, product manager for Colson. “Now, Colson can service all of their needs, or their client needs, as a single-source, high quality supplier.”

The new market offering will launch with two full series of products, and will be manufactured and tested to the same rugged standards as Colson’s existing product lines of more than 35,000 casters and related products. In addition, all of the light-duty and general-duty casters will carry Colson’s renowned 3-year warranty: still the leading warranty in the industry. With the new product capabilities and lower price points, Colson not only intends to address low-cost applications with its existing clientele, but also present solutions to new industries and manufacturing sites that have not required the more exclusive and potentially high-end selections available.

“The addition of these new product lines to our current offerings will allow us to reach new market segments and positions Colson as the most diverse supplier in the caster marketplace today,” added Crain.

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