5.00006.531 TG1

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PART NUMBER: 5.00006.531 TG1

Wheel Diameter6

Wheel MaterialGlass-Filled Nylon

Wheel TypeMaxim

Bearing TypeDelrin


Wheel FaceCrowned Tread

Tread Width2

Tread DetailThermoplastic Nylon

Tread ColorBlack

Core DetailThermoplastic Nylon

Core ColorBlack

Bearing ID0.75

Bore ID1.1875

Hub Length2.1875

Hardness85(+/-5) Shore D

Temperature Minimum-45F

Temperature Maximum+180F

Thread GuardMetal (TG1)

Spanner Bushing Bore0.5

Spanner Bushing Length2.4375

Wheel CategoryNylon


Chemical Resistant

Impact Resistant

Water Resistant

Harsh Environment

Thread Guard


Store Fixtures



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5.00006.531 TG1