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Colson Group’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Jonesboro is now completely operating at full capacity. While the old plant is being used for distribution, everything else has been transferred to the new building. Through investments made toward the new facility and its capabilities, Colson Group has expanded its production, standards, and improved the working environment for its employees.

More Products Made in the USA

The new 146,640-square-foot manufacturing facility now offers more production capabilities in the United States. Popular casters can now be produced even faster, and the new facility can assemble a wider range of low-volume and special caster products. This has given Colson Group new delivery capabilities with shorter delivery times for products manufactured and shipped directly from the U.S. rather than internationally.

Increased Internal Zinc Plating

There was a huge investment in a new line for zinc plating making it an expansion of the last plant. This investment allows Colson Group to have more product offerings, production lines, and an increase in the internal plating of main products in Jonesboro. It has even given Colson Group the capability to plate all Colson Group USA components at the new facility.

Advanced Robotics and Technology Advancements

Over the past year, there was an influx of investments in three new welding robots. Their technological advancements have helped to increase efficiency and product quality. With the addition of new robots and automation, the Jonesboro plant now has the capacity to weld over 2.3 million pieces annually with a 2-shift operation.

Expanded Stamping Production

Three additional manual presses and heavy-duty stamping press lines were added upon the new facility build. This, along with the latest technology in steel stamping lines, has expanded production capabilities. Additionally, the new facility now has a tool and die repair and maintenance area next to the stamping department which is capable of both tool maintenance and quick changeovers.

More Suitable Work Environment

The new plant has given employees a more work suitable and up-to-date environment. There was the addition of an environmentally controlled air system in the new facility. This was designed to maintain the air from various production lines such as capturing smoke and fume handling systems to ensure air quality. Aside from the air system, the lighting is more efficient for visibility purposes, there was a new temperature system installed which heats and cools the production area, and all other amenities are brand new.

In the future, they are looking into investing in enhancing assembly capabilities. Assembly was mainly transferred over from the old facility without much advancement. The goal is to expand and enhance it for efficiency. In terms of output, Colson Group hopes looking forward with investments in production capabilities, they will be able to drastically increase their product outputs in large amounts. This way they can continue to meet demands and exceed the standards expected by customers.

Preventing Corrosion on Your Casters

When you see rust, you’ve got a problem. Corrosion in casters can occur in a variety of elements and for many different reasons. Moisture in the air, swinging hot and cold temperatures, chemical exposure, and other harsh environmental factors can cause your caster or wheels to corrode. Caster corrosion can leave your caster useless or in need of repair, which can lead to downtime, loss of productivity, unnecessary strain, and sometimes injury. 

Given that most casters are made of metal, from the plate or stem to the wheel bearing or wheel, if any parts of the caster become corroded, it can have a significant impact on its function. Knowing how to prevent corrosion from the start can keep your casters functioning longer and your business productivity moving efficiently. 

Various environmental factors can wear casters down quickly and it’s important you monitor the condition of your casters to act fast in the event of corrosion. When there is corrosion in a caster it can lead to failure faster, and failure can lead to injury. For this reason, there are specific casters and wheels designed and carefully tested to withstand severe conditions without wearing down or corroding. 

Stainless steel casters are the best option to prevent caster corrosion. Regular steel or zinc-plated metal casters work in traditional applications, but these are far more vulnerable to corrosion in demanding environments. In applications, where there are wide temperature changes in the facility, stainless steel casters are best to withstand these intense temperatures. They are also great for marine environments that encounter salt water. In the medical field, stainless steel casters resist damage from sterilizing chemicals they may meet, and they resist bacteria due to their lack of oxidation. 

We understand there may be hesitation with paying more upfront for stainless steel, but in the long run, it will pay off. There’s no sense in buying new casters that will need replacing in a short amount of time. Paying upfront for a caster that can withstand harsh environments will result in better productivity and less downtime in the end. Such as with the Colson D4 Defender Series, designed for customers requiring lasting performance and corrosion resistance. 

If you need a replacement or are looking to purchase for the first time, you can trust the knowledge and expertise of Colson Group to provide you with the best casters and wheels for your business, no matter the application or environment. 

Learn more about our stainless steel casters or other options for your business to prevent corrosion by contacting us today.

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